Beth Tucker Long speaking at Lone Star PHP 2013 in June.

Beth Tucker Long will be speaking at Lone Star PHP conference June 28-29, 2013.  She will be have two different presentations.


Usability for Developers

Beth Tucker Long


Not everyone has access to a user interface designer, but that doesnâ??t mean that usability is out of your reach. This talk will cover user experience basics along with simple, easy-to-implement tricks to improve usability. This talk will also cover ways to test if your site or application is making the grade.


Foundations of PHP

Beth Tucker Long


A building works better with a solid foundation beneath it. The same is true for PHP. Whether you are new to programming or are just looking for a refresher, this session will take you through the basics. Beth Tucker Long will cover strings and arrays, conditions and loops, sessions and cookies, form validation and security, and writing your own functions. Best of all, Beth won’t just talk about these concepts, she’ll go through actual code, so you can see them in action. Bring your laptop, follow along, and you’ll have a working application when you leave. Questions are welcomed!

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